Amazing Angel

Amazing Angel

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Nov. 19, 2012


We have seen some amazing Bethmoora tattoos. The first was Prince Nuada worn by Jontonian. He had it done in Sept of 2009. Here it is if you haven’t seen it before.

Now another stunning tat has come up and if anyone knows who did the tattoo or who wears it, please let us know!

Shared by Stan Winston School of Character Arts

(original share from Julien Roméo – Jurassic Park: Origins )

Art: Angel of Death from HELLBOY 2 – Created by Spectral Motion


Happy Thanksgiving to all of Nuada’s fans, friends, and family. May your holiday be filled with all sorts of glutinous feasting and awesome Black Friday splurgings!! Shhh… just don’t tell Nuada… silly humans LOL

…on a side note… the relocation of one half is done and the sanity draining of the other is only beginning – Muwahahaha!!

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“I called the song “Prince Nuada” and used his speech as samples. Primary it’s about the self created song about the glorious Prince Nuada!”

~ Noctemeron Project by AdamnByss



Hidden Realm Entertainment

Nov. 12, 2012


With one half of HRE about to drive 15 hours away, in snowy conditions, to her new home, the other half of HRE has found time catch up, move ahead and get back on schedule for the post Hobbit timeframe plans. We are very excited on both accounts.

Good luck with the move Robyn!


We are almost ready for one more round of Who Knows Nuada Trivia. Stay tuned over the next two weeks. Until the new round is up why not have some fun visiting or revisiting the past trivia rounds?

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia


~ Just Can’t Win by SilverBlaze15

Life and Art

Life and Art

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Nov. 5, 2012


Happy November!

We hope you have all recovered from your post Halloween sugar coma’s lol! But if not we will have something to take your mind off it soon.

Ah life is stepping in again.

Be patient as one of us had a happy opportunity come up and is in the middle of a rather large move.

But, also know that while one is moving, the other is… doing very good things. Very soon life shall return to normal and we will proceed with the new HRE fun!


This month’s feature comes from a very talented artist from Italy. It beautifully illustrates a brief moment in Nuada’s world. The stunning artistic strokes create a wonderful mood and capture his underground training perfectly. Please stop by his gallery at DeviantArt to enjoy more of his unique and lovely style.

~ Featured Gallery

~ XRobinGoodFellowX Gallery


We found this one to be haunting.

~ The Child of the Earth by NiennaBlue