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May 20, 2013


As Gabby wraps up the tweeks to the final 3D Nuada model, we hope you enjoy the newest addition to the HRE gallery!

Prince Nuada - Winds of Fire


We are VERY proud today to feature a brand new book by a very dear friend of ours and long time supporter of Prince Nuada. Gwen’farr has created a masterful tale, inspired from Nuada, which will have you absolutely glued to the pages from beginning to end. We highly recommend you pick it up for Kindle on Amazon today!!

But… be warned… its *ahem* … VERY adult!


“A beautiful elven prince destined to die. A human female hunting him for murder, soon realizes that she would lay down her own life in order to save his. Meddlesome gods manipulate the strands of time, fully determined to change an unacceptable Fate. Can Light stay alive long enough to overcome Nuadha’s deep seething hatred for humans, and save his life? Will the prince allow a mortal to soften his heart and help to save his people from extinction? From carefully planned schemes, to bloody battles that run the face of the globe, and the fierce passion that binds them together, the fates of both races; human and fey, hangs in the balance. Such is the tale of Saving Nuadha…”

~ Saving Nuadha (The Anthatal Chronicles)

~ Cover Art by LeoNeal


~ Prince Nuada – Sail by Kathie Pham


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Small Battle

Small Battle

Hidden Realm Entertainment

May 13, 2013


Happy Mother’s Day (slightly belated) to all of the wonderful fantastic stupendously awesome mothers out there! We hope you all had a magical day surrounded by lots of fun and love! Cheers to MOMS!


Thank you for your patience last week as we had to skip news. A small break was needed whilst the battle against nicotine was being fought. We are happy to update that the battle goes very well and the end looks very achievable …YAY!!!


This month’s feature comes from a very talented artist from Poland. DachitaOokami has her gallery at Deviant Art filled with stunning sketches (several of our enchanting elf Prince, and some of that … human … as well, But this particular sketch is one of our favs. She has captured his face and his glare perfectly. Make sure to stop by to say hi, and check out the rest of her wonderful art.

~ Featured Nuada Art Gallery

~ DachitaOokami


~ Prince Nuada by lolitaesque