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July 29, 2013


Though there may be times when you look into the light and you can’t see anything happening… just remember that there are always “things” in the shadows.

Things happening that you cannot see…

That said – bear with us as we put on our secretive cloaks, lurking around in those shadows to stir things up and change “the game” … Keep spreading the word for Nuada’s Return.

We will not fade!

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What does this mean?

What does this mean?

Hidden Realm Entertainment

July 22, 2013


Continuing from the last two weeks of HRE news…

Rumors News Part 1

Believe News Part 2

A recent article by Christopher Rosen, from the Huffington Post, talks about the current direction of Universal, the price of mega-movies and the profit in sequels. “If you look at their (Universal’s) next two years, it is filled with sequels (10 in their 25 next pics) which should lead to terrific profits plus lower volatility. And they have event pictures and several brands such as ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ and ‘Wicked’ It’s an amazing run.”

Now, while Pacific Rim has been doing well at the box office, the major price tag attached to such mega-movies is becoming an issue for studios. Along that line, Guillermo del Toro has recently stated that he does not see Hellboy 3 actually happening as it would require some heavy end of the world destruction and that will call for mega bucks.

So, what does this mean?

Well, Universal, now with Legendary, are looking to a future heavily based on sequels with a few original story lines … All that is happening with their current metamorphosis would indicate that it is a perfect time for certain “prequels” to be made.

With that being said… there are certain “things” that are being looked into… but that is a story for another day. Stay tuned, and keep showing The Prince Nuada love!!

Prince Nuada - Wisdoms Mark

Nuada Gallery

Chose to Believe

Chose to Believe

Hidden Realm Entertainment

July 16, 2013


Guillermo del Toro … what can we say? We adore him!! When it comes to imagination and talent the man is TOPS. Now there are movies you see… THEN there are movies you experience!!! Pacific Rim is definitely one you MUST experience! (BIG & LOUD 3D IMAX if possible)

Last week I had the honor of attending a Pacific Rim screening and as we all know Guillermo del Toro is not only a visionary but an amazing story-teller and through his eloquent introduction of Pacific Rim the one thing that stood out for me was when he stated: “I have spent 3 years of my life on this film and at my age, I don’t have time waste on crap.” Not that he would ever put out crap BUT it solidified my belief that everything he is involved with you can be assured will hold all his passion.

There are several reasons to go out and see this film. Visually it’s stunning and it’s a really fun adventure. The characters are diverse, the lead female is strong and it spots a vibrant soundtrack.

As a fan of both Nuada and the his realm, supporting Pacific Rim also supports:

Original Films: Legendary took a huge risk with Pacific Rim where in today’s market the highest-grossing films are almost always either sequels or based on previous material like old TV shows or books. Yes it is inspired by Japanese kaiju (strange creature), but it IS an original story. Similarly a Nuada film would be as well, based on an existing character and realm yet a new and original story. And with Legendary already talking of a Hellboy 3 possibility and a new agreement with Universal (who holds the rights to Nuada) backing Pacific Rim gives Legendary more say in their projects while working with Universal.

And of course it’s Guillermo del Toro!! Need we say more.


To follow up on last week’s news *LINK*

On Wednesday, July 10th 2013, Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment announced they have officially agreed to enter into a five-year production and co-financing partnership starting in 2014.

Universal Legendary News


Do you write or draw… and love Nuada?

The Prince Nuada Fans Group on Deviant Art is now hosting a monthly themed Nuada contest. If you’re interested – find out more at link below.

Prince Nuada Fan DA Contest


Rumors -R- Rumbling

Hidden Realm Entertainment

July 8, 2013


Well, well… rumors are rumbling…

Although Guillermo del Toro may be too busy to do Hellboy 3 – There has been a lot of talk in the last two weeks over the idea. It may be in the cards, it may not but that’s ok. Who needs that big red monkey anyways… lol juuuuust kidding!

HOWEVER, here’s the IMPORTANT rumblings part – Could character spinoffs be in our future? We aren’t making this up folks, rumblings are rumblings… and people are talking (Legendary, GDT, & Dark Horse to name a few) which includes working out the character rights from Universal.

Personally we can think of a GREAT character spin off *cough cough NUADA cough*. AND speaking of Nuada – while they are talking of character spin-offs make sure they hear your support of Nuada!!

Prince Nuada Petition - Silverlance


SO what’s in the future for GDT right now?

This weekend you can see his BRILLIANT new movie – his first time back in the director’s chair since Hellboy II – “Pacific Rim” hits theaters July 12th in an epic tale!!! If you think it’s just giant monsters and machines you’re limiting your expectations of the adventure. So get on out there to enjoy the film, support GDT, and show the studios he IS a story-maker worth backing!!

Birthday Week

Hellboy II opened on July 11, 2008, in 3,204 theaters in the United States and Canada. The film ranked first at the box office, grossing an estimated $35.9 million over the weekend, outperforming the opening of its predecessor, which had opened with $23.2 million. The opening was the biggest of Guillermo del Toro’s directing career.(so far)

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Hidden Realm Entertainment

July 3, 2013


“Glamour is indeed the cloaking device that fairy folk use to look beautiful or, sometimes human. So, taking a cue from old Victorian short stories, I decided to create an optical device that would eliminate that specter of light and allow one to see things the way they really are.” ~Guillermo del Toro


Awesome… yup, awesome is definitely the right word for this month’s feature. The brilliant and warm colors accented with the strong, striking lines combine for a visual delight! Hailing from Germany, dlazaru is a brilliant artist and you are missing out if you don’t stop by Deviant Art and check out her other art. Make sure to say HI and let her know what you think!

~ Featured Nuada Art


Last week we showed a little ‘behind the scenes’ of HBII with the props used for the Golden Army eggs… this week, we follow suit with a little look at Korda Studio in Hungary, where Hellboy II was brought to life! With 6 different sound stages, up to 63,000 sqft each, it’s a beautiful studio. Hear the wonderful things GDT had to say about his filming experiences there…

~ Korda Studios with GDT


It’s a patriotic week this week in North America… and so today we say Happy Birthday Canada! May it be filled with all kinds of super fun, friends and family with a side order of beer, hockey, and maple syrup… eh. And WOOT WOOT!! Time to prepare for the big day in The United States this Thursday! Strap on your party hats and light the fireworks – Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! … Everyone STAY SAFE and have a BLAST!