Armor and Swords

Armor and Swords

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Aug 19, 2013


Fantastic Visions presents their 10 BEST suits of movie armor … and its of no surprise that our favorite pale elf has made the cut! It true GDT style of awesomeage, Nuada’s costumes throughout the entire movie were stunning! So hats off to you our stylish Prince… check out the full list here:

10 Best Suits of Armor


Now who wouldn’t want their very own paper Nuada sword and spear?! Well now you won’t ever have to be without. Morell Yeneldar has patiently recreated the brilliant Silverlance weapons of Hellboy II in fine paper crafted detail.

English is a second language for Morell, you can use the native Google Translate Page from Czech to your language for the blog.

From Morell Yeneldar

At first I must tell you, how it became reality: The idea for having this papercraft came to me because of papercraft of white knifes of prince Legolas. I made a pair and that feeling of having such weapon in hand was totally awesome. In truth I was hoping to find Nuada’s weapons downloadable on some web, but months passed and nothing. I hopped to find someone, who will do them, but then I realized; it is on me. Still I wanted at least model, but instead I got iron nerves and I did it myself.

It was bit hard to create papercrafts only from pictures, especially the spear. Also texture was problem. I did my best to make it look good.

The scale is 1:1, life size. Pack contains 2 pdf files with the papercrafts and the 3rd contains information and help with problematic parts – help is in pictures, so no need for translation.

Spear Size: 80 cm / 31.5 inches | pages: 8

Sword Size: 85.7 cm / 33.75 inches | pages: 6

How to get to the PDF files

On page there are information and hyperlink to web named, which is czech upload/download server. Click on link and when ulozto page shows, click on yellow button “Stáhnout”. A window appears. Rewrite letters in middle column and click on “Stáhnout” again and you have it. Luckily, no commercial there has stáhnout button, which can confuse you.

Note: When you print out the papercraft, nearly all parts are on placed on the paper how they are to be glued together ( words in text) but check the “návod” file to find and understand the parts, which are not and ensure that you understand, where you have to place them.

Link to Nuada’s Spear & Sword by Morell

Thank You Morell for taking the time to not only make this, but for sharing it with us all!


A friendly shout out and feature to a solid Nuada supporter. If you surf through Nuada vids on YouTube you have probably seen some of her work. CelticMoonDust has created many cool fan vids in honor of His Elfy-ness … and we just wanted to say cheers and thanks for always bringing da elf!!!!

CelticMoonDust – Nuada Temptation

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Hidden Realm Entertainment

Aug 12, 2013


Well now, here is another FINE piece if Nuada Art (oh and some other guy too… back to Nuada lol) This brilliant sketch has both strong lines and wonderful expressions, perfectly capturing Nuada’s more “stern” side. It was created by Anne Cain, a graphic artist from America, for a friend who took it to Hellboy creator Mike Mignola for an autograph. Yup, there’s his awesome signature at the bottom. While we found this sketch on Anne’s Tumbler account, it led us to her more creative account at Deviant Art (where you will find another stunning Nuada painting, go see!) Make sure to stop by her page and send the “Elf Love”

Nuada Featured Artists Gallery

Anne Cain DeviantArt


The Troll Market… the ever elusive underground of some very intriguing and magical creatures. For those who may have missed the brief history of these magical trolls we have located a copy of this short animation. Check it out!

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Middle Earth

Middle Earth

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Aug 5, 2013


No going into exile for us… but we ask for your patience as we pursue a new direction in the quest for a Nuada Prequel. News shall be returning to a regular format of newsy-ness while we work behind the scenes.


Some might call us crazy…. Heck, they wouldn’t be wrong LOL We do tend to see Nuada and Bethmooran inspired things all around us.

BUT this time we ARE NOT crazy.

The new commercial for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth app has caught our eye, with a “WHAT in the hey now?”

Check out the screen caps and video to see for yourself…

The Dwarf has stolen Nuada’s bracers!!!

(timemark 0:09)


“I needed the “faint” tattoo on his chest to give him consistency with the ornaments of the Butcher Guards — as a ranking distinction — and the half-goblin, as sort of a tribal distinction from Bethmoora days of glory.”

~ Guillermo del Toro

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