Disguises and Kindness

Disguises and Kindness

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 30, 2013

Prince Nuada - Golden


YAY!! Happy October everyone (well tomorrow, but let’s not get technical LOL) Our favorite month is here at last…. And the hectic schedules continue. It’s an exciting time and we have lots to share with you this week, but as well, as the month continues we will be featuring some cool Bethmooran inspired costumes and cool makeup articles… perhaps they will trigger some inspirations in your own Halloween costumes this year.


Luke Goss asks for Kindness… shhhh don’t tell Nuada.

Luke announced that for his birthday (which was yesterday – YAY Happy Birthday awesome man!) that the best gift he could receive was kindness. And has a contest for this week in the form of unique and inspirational quotes about compassion and kindness. There’s some cool autographed stuff he put up for the win – Find out all the details here:

~ LG Kindness Contest


This months Nuada Art Feature comes from a wonderful artist from Austria. “Prince Nuada Silverlance” by Rin-Ivory is a lovely display of ink and watercolors. Simple in its composition, yet it flows with emotion through the color and movement within the strokes. Now go fourth and be awesome… stop by her page and show some love.

~ Featured Nuada Art


To start off our featured make-up articles this month, here is one from Make-Up Artist Magazine with an in-depth look at Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala …

“While some of the more complicated make-up effects-related characters in Hellboy 2 may have drawn the most attention, it was the Prince and Princess that may have undergone the most changes over the course of filming…”~ Read More

Honor & Hope

Honor & Hope

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 23, 2013


Everyone please stand up and join us in a huge round of “Happy Birthday” for Nuada – oops, we mean Luke Goss! This Sunday will bring our favorite actor another year older and another year even more awesome! Make sure to stop by his Twitter, Facebook, or Official website and send many wonderful wishes for an amazing year ahead, filled with magical wonders and tones of love!

Luke Goss at Twitter

Luke Goss at Facebook

Luke Goss Official Site


Our favorite holiday is approaching, and it always seems to be the busiest time of year. So, please be patient as we adjust our filling schedules. We are still always here and news will still be rockin atcha every week, err… mostly on time LOL

Speaking of news and Halloween, in honor of this awesome month ahead, we will be featuring some interesting costume and make-up related Nuada-ness each week. GDT created some seriously beautiful and imaginative creations… perhaps they will inspire YOU this year in your own Halloween creations.


If you are anything like us, you have all ready cruised the internet many times over in search of cool tidbits involving the enchanting Prince Nuada and his magical realm…. And should that be the case you may have all ready seen this, but none the less it is a cool little bit of insight and we thought we would share for those who have not yet seen it. Enjoy…

~ Prince Nuada Featurette


This Nuada Prequel road we have taken has been strange and filled with adventure, but it is a road that IS leading somewhere! Though we have had to take a few bumps and turns, we now have a map. (LOL) IF the chance for this film was not a possibility we would honorably bow and let the curtain fall… And although we cannot give details, we can say that we are not even close to that point… Not at all!

We will not fade!

In the name of love

In the name of love

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 16, 2013


We launched Hidden Realm Entertainment three years ago, hard to believe isn’t it? In that time we have received the most incredible support from so many many wonderful people. The biggest shock came from having both Luke Goss and Guillermo del Toro praise the site within the first few days of launch… we were blown away! BUT the ongoing support we have received since then has been amazing. Nuada really has some exceptional fans. The comments we receive from people are so supportive and express so much love for his character… even after so much time, it truly shows that We Will Not Fade!

SO we would like to extend our unyielding gratitude and appreciation for every single one of you. Thank you for your support – Thank you for your comments – Thank you for always reminding us WHY we keep doing what we do here at Hidden Realm Ent. Prince Nuada Silverlance has NOT faded to the darkness, the fact you are here reading this right now is proof of that.

But what is in store for his future? Well… hang with us just a little longer… we are working hard to not disappoint Nuada’s fans!!


While we are in reminiscent mode … let’s take a look back at one of the first fan vids Gabby made of Nuada. After making several she started to get frustrated at the lack of footage available. This of course is a large part of the reasons behind her quest to learn DAZ and 3D modeling… which of course led to the Silverlance trailer and the birth of the Hidden Realm Ent. website. Anyways, enough rambling… if you have not all ready seen it, we hope you enjoy “Requiem”

~ Prince Nuada Requiem Video


We also want to mention that while part of supporting the Prince Nuada Petition is letting other people know the petition exists, we DO NOT condone spamming individual people, companies or organizations. Not only is that rude, but can be detrimental to the Petition.

So heck YEAH spread the word about Nuada and the petition for his return, but please be considerate when you do.

Dreams & Inspiration

Dreams & Inspiration

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 10, 2013


This month we honor a brilliant artist, an avid supporter of Nuada, and a dear friend. If you have ever Googled Nuada art you have seen her stunning work before. Leaf of Steel has created some of the most beautiful Prince Nuada art that exists to this day, and it was some of the first artworks of Nuada that captured our imaginations. She has been a huge inspiration for us in creating HRE and we thank her for magic and talent. We had a hard time choosing which of her pictures to feature, so you simply must stop by her page and ogle at the rest!

Nuada Featured Art Gallery


Hellboy II, through the brilliant and creative minds of Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola, brought to life some of the most amazing and bizarre creatures in film today. Check out this “Creature Feature” from CGSociety and get some behind the scene info on the people who brought the creature magic to life.

HellboyII CGSociety

REMINDER: We have 600 <---- signatures waiting to be confirmed. Please check your email. If you need the conformation request to be resent let us know.



Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 4, 2013



Hiding in plain sight, among unremarkable warehouse spaces, exists a magical land! The people of this magic land have brought us some of the best fantastical monsters, and animatronic awesomeness! Want to know more? Check out this interview with Mike Elizalde, CEO of Spectral Motions … ya that’s right, the peeps who brought us many wonders of the Bethmooran Creatures.

BLDG Blog – Spectral Motion


As summer is all too quickly coming to an end, we hope you find some time for a wee bit of fun, sun and awesome adventures! Autumn approaches and hard work begins *nods with enthusiasm* Sunshine we shall miss you but, for us anyways, we are looking forward to some upcoming … err… “stuff”. We will of course keep you posted as we can.


We have 599 signatures waiting to be confirmed. Please check your email. If you need the conformation request to be resent let us know.