About Hidden Realm Ent.

Once upon a time…

Worlds apart, some ladies sat down to watch a movie.

Little did they know that that movie would transport them all to a realm of enchantment.

The new princess wenches, each found their way to the kingdom of Luke, where Nuada still reigned as Prince.

After exploring this new land, each began to add to the royal collection of art, costumes, videos and stories.

The King started many new adventures and slowly the Prince began to fade.

The loyal wenches of the land were still creatively summoning the Prince, but his words fell silent.

One day a plea was heard across the kingdom, calling on all wenches from the far corners of the web, for a petition to find the dear Prince and BRING HIM BACK.

As the months passed many wenches dutifully helped the petition and all looked well for the Prince, but something was lurking on the web thwarting the heed.

And although the wenches could find new, daily evidence for the love of the Prince and his world in all manner of creativity everywhere they looked… the sound of the call was still fading.

In the Kingdom of Luke, life began to move on and a couple princess wenches soon found each other in the local chat tavern, they chatted and chatted until one day they heard the faint whisper of the all but forgotten plea.

The princess wenches quietly snuck off to a private chat tavern and began to devise a bold rescue plan for the Prince. With the details fresh in their minds they set out to begin a harsh regimen of training.

With blood, sweat and tears they dedicated hours to research and began to hone their skills in photoshop, 3d modeling, web designing, writing and video editing.

Finally the day came and the now warrior princess wenches, with their weapons of mass creation, began the journey to reignite the petition fires that could bring the beloved Prince back from darkness.

We have put a lot of time, effort, and money into this cause, and our only expectation is that it rekindles the petition and sparks interest in a movie about Nuada and his world. -The Wenches of Hidden Realm GabLei and Robyn 666

Gablei – The Keeper

(a.k.a Gabby & GabhMoLeithsceal)

Gabby is the Artist, Animator and Webmistress for HRE.

Robyn666 – The Voice

(a.k.a Laloopie & Laloopie666))

Robyn is the voice, promotions and graphic support of HRE.