Art and Giving

Art & Giving

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Dec 2, 2013


Here’s wishing a very pleasant Giving Tuesday to you all… What is giving Tuesday you ask? It started last year in 2012 to show kindness and compassion after the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A chance to give to those less fortunate, and to let our humanity shine. So… get out there and do something random and giving for someone in need – its just a darned nice thing to do


Ahh tis the season, and the snow is beginning to fall. And with those magical flakes dusting the earth, it just seemed perfect to share this adorable picture for December’s Nuada art Feature. This is a lovely bit of work from PrinceNuadaProject, who has many lovely pictures of the twins in her gallery…. Make sure you stop by her page and share your comments

Featured Nuada Gallery


Speaking of darned nice… the man behind our most favorite elf in the world is also known for HIS kindness and compassion (shhh don’t tell Nuada ) Luke Goss has just launched a new section at his official site to showcase kindness. In fact, its called Keep It Kind and it exists to showcase heartwarming stories of kindness. To celebrate this new undertaking is hosting a contest that will reward some lucky kind people with various different prizes, including the very shirt off Luke’s back … can’t get nicer than that eh? Check out all the details!

Keep It Kind

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