Hidden Realm Entertainment

June 18, 2012


Happy Fathers Day to all those totally awesome dads out there!!! Ya it’s a little bit late, but that’s what you get when news is on a Monday. Regardless of the delay in the wishes, we hope that all of the proud poppa’s out there had a wonderful day filled with whatever kind of fun and relaxing suits them best! Cheers to Dad!!


You may… or may not have… or perhaps sometimes maybe, MIGHT have noticed that we like to “sneak” about here at HRE. And yes, we admit that it makes us giggle endlessly.

BUT… today is a barefoot NO sneakers kind of day, and we are VERY happy to announce that within the next two weeks, we will have a brand new episode of the Beyond Bethmoora Comic!!! Would you like to see a sneak peek?? Too bad … its under lock and key! LOL Guess you will have to stay tuned to find out!

But you can check out episode 1 while you are waiting



We just found a new web series starring the fabulous Doug Jones! We haven’t had time to watch through it yet, but shall be checking out this week. If you would like to as well, you can find them on facebook

Plot: “A member of a secret order of crime fighters and his estranged sister take on the mob and a troubled scientist in pursuit of the stolen Danger Element, which they believe has the power to bring their father back from the dead.”



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