Hidden Realm Entertainment

August 13, 2012


Oh me oh my…. WHAT has Wink gotten himself into?? All of his sneaking, all of the mystery behind his odd behavior is about to unfold. The question is… why? And WHAT will Nuada do about it? It’s a must see adventure this week!



This past weekend surrounding the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, a great event filled with all sorts of comic con fun, DelToroFims.com hosted Hellebration 2012.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to DelToroFilms.com, Doug Jones, Luke Goss and Legendary Pictures for the memorable night filled with wonderful people.

~ Del Toro Films

~ Doug Jones

~ Luke Goss

~ Legendary Pictures


The most memorable event in this first attempt at the Unseen Realm Olympics was a close fought competition. The tattoo selection was very popular, with a Limb Vendor walking away with the prize. His winning basket of limbs featuring the full catalog of maps held in the map shop with only two spelling errors – a remarkable achievement indeed!

The closing ceremonies was truly a sight to behold. The best of the street musicians were assembled together in a rare joint effort orchestra – of sorts. While up high all the fairies, wings radiating with an iridescent magical glow, were swinging this way and that way to a synchronized dance. The beauty of the event was undeniable … well until a fight broke out at the podiums after a preexisting rivalry between two cave trolls erupted. But what’s a party without a little fun.

All in all the first Unseen Realm “Olympics” went rather well. The event is scheduled to take place again next year, providing that the councils can clean up the mess left by this year’s event in time.