Con and Trolls

Con and Trolls

Hidden Realm Entertainment

July 9, 2014



It’s impossible to deny the awesomeness that is Guillermo del Toro. So just a friendly reminder for ya – DON’T MISS OUT – Make sure you sign up to be a part of DELTOROCON 2014!!

It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy and to celebrate the wonderful imagination and inspiration of GDT with fans from across the world! There will be lots of cool things happening throughout the four days, including some fantastic guests from the world of GDT … and if you think it cant get any cooler than that … all this coolness is totally FREE! So register now and get in on the fun!

DelToroCon 2014



Who can resist a Troll? We can’t!! And in anticipation of the upcoming adorable movie, BOX TROLLS, check out this super cute website where you can create your own customized troll – awwwwww!!!

The Box Trolls

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