Dark Elves


Hidden Realm Entertainment

Nov 19, 2013


Fiction has long held a diverse plethora of Elven races, but in the past, films have kept them as cute Santa helpers, silly beings, or the sparking perfect and pretty defenders of a realm. Rarely have they been matched closely with the Elves of myth and Hollywood has all but ignored the huge fan base of the mythological true and somewhat darker elves.

One of the reasons Prince Nuada was so memorable was that, in essence, he was a dark Elf, he was much closer to myth. He had depth, not just a purpose. His character had you rooting for the “villain” and left you wanting to know more about this caring, ruthless Elf – a rare thing for a film to achieve.

With the immense and sustained popularity of Prince Nuada and the recent resurgence of rumors for a *Drizzt series, we had high expectations for the newest Elf to grace the silver screen.

When we learned that Thor: The Dark World had drawn upon the Malekith story our expectations were set. We were sure he would be as strong a character as Nuada had been. But this film proved once again that Nuada was something special. Although Malekith was cool, they missed the boat by not giving him any depth of character.

It was a great movie and fun to watch, and they made Malekith a fantastic villain for the film. It’s just *longing sigh* something was missing.

We applaud Hollywood for incorporating a “non standard” Elf in a major motion picture. However we think that we need to show them how a truer to myth Elf story should be done ;) and we are working on that!

We will not stop… we will not fade…

Note: *Drizzt Do’Urden is a brilliant creation of R.A. Salvatore … we highly recommend reading the series if you have not all ready.