Day One and Climbing

Day One and Climbing

Monday Aug 9, 2010 at 11am EST launched and was quickly and happily received.

In 12 hours: We had well over 500 views And gained 26 Prince Nuada Petition Signatures with 18 more still awaiting email confirmations. So please remember to check your email. Make sure your signature counts!

We were surprised and honored that Luke Goss himself was able to see Silverlance. If you would like to know what Luke is up to and what he had to say about Silverlance:

read more here at the Luke Goss Official Site Forum

We also helped with the climb of Luke’s IMDB popularity to 410%

Thank you all for an amazing start. Let’s keep it going, make this happen, spread the word!

Graphics to support the Prince Nuada Petition can be found here.