We believe that Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola have hit a market with Nuada that they were not completely planning on, and in doing so should be made aware that that market is ready and willing to support more.

Basics we have gathered that are verifiable.

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Site Launched Aug 9, 201011-15-2010 - Unique visits: 12,743Most visited pages:
5-15-2011 - Unique visits: 30,863

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5-21-2012 - Unique visits: 80,667


Nuada Trailer (English)

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4-22-2013 - Unique visits: 153,322

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Nuada Trailer (English)


Top 100 Youtube Nuada Video Stats:
Date recorded: 4/18/2010Date recorded: 7/26/2010Date recorded: 11/15/2010Date recorded: 4/28/2011
Total Unique Views: 926,539Total Unique Views: 1,185,782Total Unique Views: 1,370,026Total Unique Views: 1,474,662
New Views: 259,243New Views: 184,244New Views: 104,636

Date recorded: 5/16/2012Date recorded: 4/2/2013
Total Unique Views: 2,390,276Total Unique Views: 3,132,833
New Views: 915,614New Views: 742,577

**These are becoming hard to track
they move, change names, are tagged incorrectly.
Fan Artwork (Tagged correctly for SEO)2721328911,109
Fan Fiction (Tagged correctly for SEO)413422541

Who’s the apple of marketers’ eye? It’s not free-spending teens or men 25-50. It’s women. Working women ages of 24-54 — of whom the U.S. has some 55 million — have emerged as a potent force in the marketplace. Women earn less money than their counterparts — 78 cents for every dollar a man gets. But they make more than 80% of buying decisions in all homes.
** Quote from BusinessWeek - I am Woman, hear me shop by Pallavi Gogoi in New York – Edited by Patricia O’Connell
Production Budget: $66 million
Box Office Gross Worldwide: $99,318,987

Hellboy II (With Nuada)
Production Budget: $72 million
Box Office Gross Worldwide: $160,388,063

Similar Genre:
Pans Labyrinth: Box Office Gross Worldwide: $83,258,226
LOTR Fellowship: Box Office Gross Worldwide: $870,761,744
Beowolf: Box Office Gross Worldwide: $196,393,745

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