Disguises and Kindness

Disguises and Kindness

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 30, 2013

Prince Nuada - Golden


YAY!! Happy October everyone (well tomorrow, but let’s not get technical LOL) Our favorite month is here at last…. And the hectic schedules continue. It’s an exciting time and we have lots to share with you this week, but as well, as the month continues we will be featuring some cool Bethmooran inspired costumes and cool makeup articles… perhaps they will trigger some inspirations in your own Halloween costumes this year.


Luke Goss asks for Kindness… shhhh don’t tell Nuada.

Luke announced that for his birthday (which was yesterday – YAY Happy Birthday awesome man!) that the best gift he could receive was kindness. And has a contest for this week in the form of unique and inspirational quotes about compassion and kindness. There’s some cool autographed stuff he put up for the win – Find out all the details here:

~ LG Kindness Contest


This months Nuada Art Feature comes from a wonderful artist from Austria. “Prince Nuada Silverlance” by Rin-Ivory is a lovely display of ink and watercolors. Simple in its composition, yet it flows with emotion through the color and movement within the strokes. Now go fourth and be awesome… stop by her page and show some love.

~ Featured Nuada Art


To start off our featured make-up articles this month, here is one from Make-Up Artist Magazine with an in-depth look at Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala …

“While some of the more complicated make-up effects-related characters in Hellboy 2 may have drawn the most attention, it was the Prince and Princess that may have undergone the most changes over the course of filming…”~ Read More