Hidden Realm Entertainment

March 13, 2012


HRE’s “Nuada” was created in Daz, as you may well know, based on the David model. It’s a great model and very much a blank canvas with lots of room to tweek. Unfortunately from day one there have been issues with getting things to fit, fighting for poses to work and getting “natural” animations.

Tired of the issues, Gabby finally gave in and started to work with the M4 model. So far so good…. very very good! The shape is finished, custom teeth as well. The eyes and the skin are almost done, and the clothing and props seem to be transferring well. There will be a few more of the David model Nuada pics coming out, as there are a few to finish up. But HRE’s NEW Nuada shall be out soon, hope you will enjoy!

To check out some of the past pics with the David model



The new Chinese translation of Silverlance is almost done. It had a slight delay as that darned “life” got in the way of the fun important stuff …again. Boring “real” work … booooo!! As always, we shall announce when its up and rockin, so stay tuned.


Check in with some awesome talent! For any of you who aren’t all ready following these people, we highly suggest you do so. Without these amazing people Hellboy II and Prince Nuada would have never come to be…

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