Féth fíada

Féth fíada

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Oct. 29, 2012


Happy Halloween!!

It’s time once again for one of our favorite holidays of the year! A time for spooks, ghouls , magic and fun! A time to celebrate the things that go bump in the night… and enjoy every minute of it. Oh, and let’s not forget about the candy!

We hope you all have a frightfully fabulous Halloween this year!! Dress up, have fun, laugh, scream, dance about like a fool … and please remember to be safe.

In the honor of this fine holiday… may we present a deliciously dark new picture for your enjoyment.

Féth fíada: A magic mist or veil which the Tuatha Dé Danann uses to enshroud themselves, rendering their presence invisible to human eyesight.

~ Prince Nuada Gallery


We would like to take a moment to extend all our thoughts and prayers out to everyone within reach of Hurricane Sandy. In this very scary time, please stay safe and know that at this very moment the world is thinking about you and praying for everyone to come out of this safely and quickly.


~ War Of Change by chileboam