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The idea of an elf warrior who becomes a threat to the human world because he is fighting for what he believes is right for his species, triggered various reactions from the audience: some hating him, some loving him, but very few remaining unmoved in one way or the other.

The amber-eyed scarred elf filled with anger and pain, yet fueled by emotion, loyalty and sensitivity gave the world something significantly different from the beautiful and gentle Legolas and other of his kind dominant in literature and movies.

Del Toro and Mignola developed something different: something beautiful, yet intimidating; enchanting, and yet destructive. Something everyone would remember long after they had left the theater.

~ a dear friend


nd I was no exception.

I left wanting to know more of the world we only had a glimpse of.

That’s where my journey began.

To this project my story is one of time… lots and lots of time.

172 working days from concept to completion.

On Feb 17, 2010 I deiced to give 3d a try. I downloaded the free version of Daz Studio 3d and quickly made a yellow eyed scary potato thing mildly resembling “Nuada” Since then I have buried myself in the 3D world, I have learned so much that I wonder where its all being stored and what info it may have replaced.

Terminology is something I have never been good with and 3D programs bring a whole new set of terms. I am getting a gasp on them, but still refer to things incorrectly.

While working on the animations, I maintained my home life as a wife and mom,  a full time job, helping friends with websites, making a wedding dress, invitations, decorations, etc. and creating two special effects for a real life movie.

I have hardly slept.

I am very proud of what has been created, although I am very frustrated by the limitations of Daz. Cloth, HAIR, gravity – If Daz ever gets particles & forces it will be an outstanding program!

Through this process I have never been so inspired or so frustrated at the same time. Robs and Realms are the perfect people for inspiration and support. And we did it. Brought a thought to life and had some really good laughs, and cries along the way.

I truly hope this will help in bringing about a movie based on Nuada and his world as seen through the eyes of GDT and MM.

Other than the obvious, Luke, GDT, MM, Realms and Robyn, there are a few others I just wanted to take a moment to thank: HoshisamaValmor for inspiring me to learn video editing. LeafofSteel for giving me my first view of Nuada as art. Gwenfarr for expanding my imagination and leading me to the forum. My family at Luke’s for always being a home away from home. And of course my hubby, for always letting me be me even if that means I stay up til 4am every night for months with no explanation other than “I’m playing”.

Hugs! Gabby

Programs Used:

Animation & Render: (free)Daz Studio 3.0 Daz Studio 3D

Mesh & Rigging: (free) Blender 2.49 Blender

UVMapper Classic UVMapper

Text: 30 trial Maxon Cinema 4D Maxon

Video: Sony Vegas Studio HD Sony Vegas

Audio: (free)Audacity 1.3 Audacity

Misc: Photoshop CS Flash CS3 Adobe

Hellboy II created:

King Balor ~ David Custom Mesh & UV Nuada ~  Hiro to David Custom Mesh & UV Nuala ~ Aiko Custom Mesh & UV Chamberlain ~ David Custom Mesh & UV Mr. Wink ~ Daz Troll Custom Mesh Support Elves ~ David Court Attendants ~ Custom Mesh Butcher Guards ~ The Freak Boggarts ~ Custom Mesh

Hellboy II inspired:

Mom ~ Aiko Custom Mesh Danu ~ V3 Custom Mesh Baby Nuala ~ Mil baby custom Morphs Baby Nuada ~ Mil Baby Custom Morphs Teen Nuala ~ Laura Custom Morphs Teen Nuada ~ Luke Custom Morphs

Props and Sets:

A lot of Custom Daz Studio Renderosity Share CG