Hidden Realm Entertainment

July 3, 2013


“Glamour is indeed the cloaking device that fairy folk use to look beautiful or, sometimes human. So, taking a cue from old Victorian short stories, I decided to create an optical device that would eliminate that specter of light and allow one to see things the way they really are.” ~Guillermo del Toro


Awesome… yup, awesome is definitely the right word for this month’s feature. The brilliant and warm colors accented with the strong, striking lines combine for a visual delight! Hailing from Germany, dlazaru is a brilliant artist and you are missing out if you don’t stop by Deviant Art and check out her other art. Make sure to say HI and let her know what you think!

~ Featured Nuada Art


Last week we showed a little ‘behind the scenes’ of HBII with the props used for the Golden Army eggs… this week, we follow suit with a little look at Korda Studio in Hungary, where Hellboy II was brought to life! With 6 different sound stages, up to 63,000 sqft each, it’s a beautiful studio. Hear the wonderful things GDT had to say about his filming experiences there…

~ Korda Studios with GDT


It’s a patriotic week this week in North America… and so today we say Happy Birthday Canada! May it be filled with all kinds of super fun, friends and family with a side order of beer, hockey, and maple syrup… eh. And WOOT WOOT!! Time to prepare for the big day in The United States this Thursday! Strap on your party hats and light the fireworks – Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! … Everyone STAY SAFE and have a BLAST!