Hidden Realm Mondo 1.31.11

Hidden Realm Mondo 1.31.11

WHO KNOWS NUADA… The Trivia Game

Ohhh well I hope that tricksy question last week didnt have you pulling out your hair! LOL We do aim to keep you on your toes! We will be nicer this week… we promise… maybe ;) I guess you will just have to tune in and judge that for yourselves.

Hows your score this week??


PLEASE NOTE!!! If you wish your answer to count you MUST add your name to the spot provided!! We have had several submit without and therefore have not been added to this weeks tally.


Pictures pictures EVERYWHERE… Gabby’s Nuada inspiration is still kicking in FULL force! Please enjoy this weeks newest addition to the postwork gallery!



Whats that? Your phone STILL isn’t pretty enough?? Ok ok well we certainly cant have that. Here are three more wallpapers for you this week. Your phone will thank you! … dont forget its a CONVENIENT way to help spread the word too. “Hey check out my cool wallpaper… why yes that IS Nuada you should check out the petition site” <--- HAHA see.. easy ;)



Well we WERE going to let you guys know that the very cool Mondo Hellboy 2 Posters were now available for sale, but they completely sold out in the two days it took to get to Mondays news. Perhaps they will re-release them again. Heres the link if you are interested click the poster.


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• Nihao!! Anyone ready for the Chinese Silverlance Translations?? Well you need only wait ONE more week!! That cranky elf was more resistant to learning Chinese than the other languages :P

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