Hidden Realm Film Fest 10.18.10

Hidden Realm Film Fest 10.18.10


This weeks Beyond Bethmoora is a little different. October is an INSANE month for Gabby and she needed to focus on work for a bit, so Robyn has assembled a collage of funny doodles taken from the original story boards that get sent out for Gabs to finalize. Just some cute silly fun to keep you going while you wait for the continuation of Nuada’s comic adventure returning next week. We apologize for making you wait…but hope you enjoy this weeks intermission all the same!!

A wee bit of different: Beyond Bethmoora – Intermission


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The new bonus Images are now up and can be seen: Bonus Image Gallery

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• Guillermo del Toro was honored by the Chicago International Film Festival Friday Oct 15th. Gabby worked hard to complete all her work so she could attend and hopefully meet GDT, but by the time her work was complete the tickets were sold out. We were hoping to hear a fab story from a friend that was able to attend, however his adventure did not quite go according to plan either.

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• For anyone interested in submitting any art to the Prince Nuada Fans “Exile” Contest in Deviant Art, there are only 9 more days left to get your entries in! Nuada Fans Contest

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