Hidden Realm Return 10.25.10

Hidden Realm Return 10.25.10


Beyond Bethmoora is back and once again we are happy to announce the next installment is now up. You can follow Nuada’s comic adventures here: Beyond Bethmoora


We are working on Russian and Chinese. Any suggestions for languages you would like to see please let us know. Contact Us


We have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm when you can. Note: the confirmations MAY be showing up in the junk folder.


• 2356 confirmed petition signatures
• 81 more waiting to be confirmed.


The new Bonus Images are now up and can be seen: HERE

Postwork Images: HERE


• The DelToroFilms.com website has a brand new look , better interaction and a new phone app!

• Luke Goss has finished filming Pressed in Canada.

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