Hidden Realm GDT Q&A 10.4.10

Hidden Realm GDT Q&A 10.4.10


The third installment is of Nuada’s silly comic adventure is up for your enjoyment. Will he kill any of the irritating fangirls? Hmm… I guess you will have to check it out for yourselves!

Don’t miss this weeks fun: Beyond Bethmoora


We have the newest translation in hand and are currently in the process of converting the Silverlance trailer into German. We expect to have that up Monday Oct. 11th.

Stay tuned for more languages still to come.


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The new bonus Images are now up and can be seen: HERE

New Postwork Image: HERE


• Gablei has to wipe her hard drive and install a new operating system this week. She has put it off as long as possible, but cannot continue under Vista any longer. The trailer, the 3D meshes, and the comic pages are all backed up. But, please cross your fingers for her that nothing is lost during the transition!!!

• Luke Goss is now on twitter! If anyone is interested in following him and knowing what this fabulous man has to say you can check out @LukeGoss

DelToroFilms.com is having a Twitter Q&A with non other than the madcap Mexican genius that is Guillermo del Toro!

The interview is happening on Friday, October 8 so you have until then to tweet your questions over to @dsatthemovies. We’ll pick the best ones and ask them to Guillermo, then tweet you back with his video response so you get your own personalised GdT answer.

• The Deviant Art “Nuada in Exile” contest has added a new way to win… the Wild Card Prize! This won’t be won on skill, but by pure luck!! Everyone who submits an entry for the contest will be entered into the draw. To make it that much more interesting, the prize to be won is all sorts of things donated by other members and already has some great stuff added to it. LINK: Prince Nuada Fans on DA

Remember that Guillermo del Toro and Luke Goss are personally aware of this site – Let’s keep spreading the word!!!