Hidden Realm Thanks 11.22.10

Hidden Realm Thanks 11.22.10

Happy Thanksgiving to Nuada fans everywhere! We would like to take this time to thank all of YOU for all of your wonderful support and encouragement. We could not do this without you, and we have come much further than we would have imagined… so for that you have our heartfelt thanks.


The Trivia Game How well do YOU know Nuada? Now’s your chance to prove it!! We are starting a fun new game to test your knowledge of HBII trivia! Some are easy… SOME even stumped us! But all of them should be lots of fun! There will be three questions released throughout the week. One on Monday, Wednesday and Friday… all answers for the week will be posted the following Monday.

Questions will show in their own box in the sidebar.

Lets start off with an easy one… What day is the Crown piece being auctioned on?


That cranky elf is at it again… what kind of trouble is he going to cause THIS week? Ohhh and you thought THIS was the end, well we did a rewrite on it and now you get ANOTHER one next week too! Hope you enjoy this week’s comic adventures and make sure to tune in next week for the finale!!

Beyond Bethmoora


Oh my oh my… fair warning on THIS one!! A lovely new picture awaits you in the postwork gallery!



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