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Production Budget: $66 million
Box Office Gross Worldwide: $99,318,987

Hellboy II (With Nuada)
Production Budget: $72 million
Box Office Gross Worldwide: $160,388,063

Similar Genre:
Pans Labyrinth: Box Office Gross Worldwide: $83,258,226
LOTR Fellowship: Box Office Gross Worldwide: $870,761,744
Beowolf: Box Office Gross Worldwide: $196,393,745
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HUGE Thank you to Guillermo del Toro, deltorofilms.com, and Aowyn77. We were honored to see and hear GDT’s reactions to the petition and trailer!

Twitter Q&A: Guillermo Del Toro @Aowyn77


Stay with us there is a lot of information:
After the release of the Guillermo del Toro video about this site and the Nuada movie, we have been getting responses that he “threw Universal under the bus”.
We know you are all thinking “LETS STORM UNIVERSAL”.
Our short answer is No.
In all honesty, letters will not hurt but they are not the answer.
If you choose to write a letter to Universal, please be respectful. We do NOT encourage spam. Rude letters or spamming will be detrimental to the possibility of the Nuada movie.

Universal Pictures Contact Info


We are so close now – Luke Goss likes it, Guillermo del Toro wishes it – so it is only a matter of money!!
There is alot of information we are in the process of gathering and verifying. AS WE UNDERSTAND IT, Universal may own Nuada not GDT. If this is the case GDT’s hands are tied, UNLESS we can PROVE to Universal that there is market for this movie!!!


Simply put, for now, NOISE. And lots of it. We need to get into news, other blogs, and other sites. Noticed and talked about by the general public. (Newspapers, magazines, forums, blogs, donated billboard space, digg etc.)
Talk Talk Talk – you NEVER know who knows who these days and speaking to even one person THAT COULD LEAD to someone with the ability to influence Universal OR to the possibility of an investor!
Do not think for a minute that word of mouth is not potent… if that were true we would not be where we are now :) And we really have come so far together!
***We do this and WE GET NUADA!***

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Want to help spread the word and look really stylish at the same time?? Your Prince would be forever grateful for your support. We have just released some graphics that can be printed out for t-shirt transfers. (you will need t-shirt transfer paper) And since we are on this subject… HEY how would you like to be “featured” on the Hidden Realm Entertainment website SHOWING that support! We are looking at adding a new spot to the site. A place to show off Nuada fans and their support around the WORLD! We are looking to collect some photographs of fans out in the “real world” supporting the return of Nuada! We wanna see YOU in shirts, with banners … anything that shows the world that we MUST have our Prince BACK! Please send us LINKS to your photos via the “Contact” button from the home page. Lets see some of those beautiful faces all over the world….lets prove that we MUST have him back!

New T-Shirt Transfers

Don’t forget we have graphics to use online to help support Nuada.

Online Graphics


Show your support for The Prince Nuada Petition with the shiny new twibbon for twitter and facebook.

Twibbon Link

FYI – A hash tag has been circulating twitter #princenuadaprequel


Thank you for you patience last week… after a much needed rest we are back at it to finish the second to last Beyond Bethmoora episode. Hmm … last we saw Nuada and Wink had snubbed Luke and were about to enter the movie. What will happen next?? Ohhh I can’t wait to see!!

Beyond Bethmoora


More languages are still in progress. Thank you to all who have and are taking spare time to do them!!!


We have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm when you can. Note: the confirmations MAY be showing up in the junk folder.
• 2387 confirmed petition signatures
• 84 more waiting to be confirmed.


It was so nice of Luke to have a look at LeafOfSteel’s Nuada artwok. ” Luke D Goss -Wow , What an amazing drawing!! Congrats x” November 3, 2010 – via Twitter


Guillermo del Toro A user on Twitter is pretending to be Guillermo. He is at @grandcreature – Don’t fall for it. Guillermo doesn’t “Twit” (as he puts it)

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** We have started a ripple in the pond and that ripple is growing every day! The support for the Prince Nuada Petition has been AMAZING and we truly thank you for all the love you have shown so far. We have a real chance… but we MUST push this. We are continuing the push and drive this… we will NOT fade… we will NOT give up!! Lets make this a reality. Every little bit helps so lets get out there and make it happen!