Hidden Realm Shiny 12.6.2010

Hidden Realm Shiny 12.6.10

WHO KNOWS NUADA… The Trivia Game

NOW we’re talking! What a great week for trivia!! A special congrats to the 3 people who successfully answered all three of last week’s trivia questions correctly! You are now the FIRST to receive a “Bethmooran Point” A new honor bestowed only upon those who prove their worth to our Prince. Every Monday, as the answers and new tallies are announced, a shiny Bethmooran coin will await anyone who gets all three questions correct. Ohhhh how many can YOU collect??

How did YOU stack up this week? And what is the NEW question?? Find out


PLEASE NOTE!!! If you wish your vote to count you MUST add your name to the spot provided!! We have had several submit without and therefore have not been added to this weeks tally.

**ENTER your answer and “submit” … then ENTER your name and “submit” **


Did everyone enjoy our silly little comic fun? We truly hope it was able to put a smile on your face, it certainly did for us. More than likely we will probably revisit some more comic fun down the road… but for now, a sneaky peek at the dorky fun story boards that Robyn had created as a visual base for Gabby to work off of. These didn’t start until the second week and the final week’s storyboards we changed after the fact to make a more interesting “end” to the comic. Nevertheless, enjoy your sneak peek into the inner workings, the so called “back room of Bethmoora” ;) LOL

Beyond Bethmoora


Would you like to show Nuada… err I mean Luke Goss some Christmas love this year? Let’s keep those mailmen busy! You can send your festive greetings to:

G Productions
C/O Shirley Goss
100 Universal City Plaza
Bungalow 7152
Universal City,
Ca 91608


Forum Update: Guillermo del Toro’s forum (recently changed) has just successfully recovered all the old GDT archives including all of his old message board posts! Plus they have added/updated some really cool GDT info on his new Bio page and you can go check it out here:



Some more lovely images involved in the making of Silverlance

Bonus Images


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• YouTube still hasn’t announced when the new groups will be available, but we are keeping our eyes out for it. We will rock out a solid Nuada group once they are announced! More elf love coming!!

• Don’t forget to keep talking about Nuada’s return and telling people about the HRE site! We can’t do this alone and each new person who visits and signs brings us one step closer to our goal of our Elven Prince’s Return!!

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