Hidden Realm Shhh 8.30.10

Hidden Realm Shhh 8.30.10

Things might look a quiet on the outside but on the inside Nuada’s army is steadily at work promoting this site as well as trying to help get Luke Goss and Guillermo del Toro together again with Luke in the role as Victor in GDT’s upcoming film Frankenstein.

The Silverlance Trailer is also undergoing some international updates. We are in the process of translating it to Spanish. Stay tuned for that release as well as news on other language translations.

As a reminder, we have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm. Your signature will not count until then. We cannot confirm the signatures ourselves, they can only be confirmed through the email sent.

Some quick status updates:

  • 2191 confirmed petition signatures
  • 87 more waiting to be confirmed.

  • We have a Teaser version of the trailer up at Youtube.
    Link: Youtube Silverlance Teaser Version

    Quick Facts:

  • We have three other sets completed that were never used, the subway training room, the palace courtyard, and Balor’s private study
  • We started the Troll Market set and were quickly overwhelmed with the amount of detail to recreate.
  • Nuada’s ceremony outfit took two days to design just the concept of its appearance, to fit with the style already established in the movie yet make it something new.
  • As always we have added three new images to the Bonus Material Gallery.

    Keep spreading the word!!!