Hidden Realm Fun 9.13.2010

Hidden Realm Fun 9.13.2010

A little fun going around…


The Prince Nuada Fans Group on deviantART.com is preparing to hold a “Nuada in Exile” contest. We are working with the Group to try to extend the contest to include Hidden Realm Ent. Stay tuned for details! LINK: Prince Nuada Fans Group


Beyond Bethmorra is a little something just for fun that is in progress. It will be added to the site starting next week and will be built upon on a weekly basis until it concludes.


We have two translations in the works right now, French and German with more languages still to come!


We have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm when you can. Note: the confirmations MAY be showing up in the junk folder.


  • 2260 confirmed petition signatures
  • 69 more waiting to be confirmed.

    Not only have we added the weekly images to the Bonus Material Gallery. View Here: Bonus Material Gallery

    BUT as an extra Bonus, we have also added 3 Images to the NEW Postwork Gallery. The Bonus Gallery images are straight from the 3D program with no postwork and are directly related to the making of Silverlance. The images added to the Postwork Gallery are from the 3D program but have had postwork done to them, to clean up and soften the image and are not directly related to the making of the Silverlance trailer. View Here: NEW Postwork Gallery


    There is a new Prince Nuada Group at Youtube, started by XxSilverStarAngelxX, to showcase and share fan made videos of Prince Nuada. LINK: Team Silverlance at Youtube

    Remember that Guillermo del Toro and Luke Goss are personally aware of this site – Let’s keep spreading the word!!!