Hidden Realm Comic 9.20.2010

Hidden Realm Comic 9.20.2010


After discussions with the Prince Nuada Fans at DA link, tying the two contests together will be nearly impossible and would not allow for non-artists to enter. So with that in mind Hidden Realm will be having its own contest. We are in the process of seeing what we can do.


For some fun… we have taken a silly idea that happened to come up in development chats during the creation of the Silverlance trailer and had the idea fleshed out by a wonderful creative writer, Jolynn.

Robyn 666, a comic girl by nature dove into storyboarding the script and Gablei is turning it all into graphics.

We will be adding to Beyond Bethmoora weekly until its conclusion.

Please enjoy the silliness here. Beyond Bethmoora


We are happy to announce that the French version of Silverlance is up! Thanks to Lapasdouée link for offering and taking the time to translate the trailer!

Still more languages still to come!


We have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm when you can. Note: the confirmations MAY be showing up in the junk folder.


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    Bonus images are up. View Here: Bonus Material Gallery


    If you need any Nuada fiction have a look around the Prince Nuada Community at FanFic.net. It has some Nuada fanfic listed and a forum. LINK: FF – Prince Nuada Community

    On Friday Sept 17th the host of HRE had an issue with their servers. We have been told this has been completely corrected and the servers were only down for 4 hours. For the inconvenience this may have caused we released a new Postwork image on Friday.

    View Here: Postwork Gallery

    Remember that Guillermo del Toro and Luke Goss are personally aware of this site – Let’s keep spreading the word!!!