Hidden Realm Frank 9.6.10

Hidden Realm Frank 9.6.10

The Silverlance Trailer is undergoing some international updates. We have released a Spanish version, with subtitles and altered text. Thanks to L’amoureuse (lamoureuse02@gmail.com) for taking the time to translate the trailer!

Stay tuned for news on other language translations.

Why do we keep mentioning Frankenstien?

We are not only promoting the Silverlance site we are also promoting the idea of Luke Goss in the role of Victor Frankenstein in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming movie Frankenstein. Because having the two of them working together again is a good thing for Nuada.

Here is our concept image:

As a reminder, we have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm when you can. Note: the confirmations MAY be showing up in the junk folder.

Some quick status updates:

  • 2240 confirmed petition signatures
  • 61 more waiting to be confirmed.
  • Again we have added more images to the Bonus Material Gallery. View Here

    Quick Facts:

  • We never gave Nuada and Nuala’s mother a name.
  • With the Army – only 7 can move the rest are all “solid” non moving “extras”
  • When the signatures reach 3000, we will release a “bloopers” reel.
  • Keep spreading the word!!!