Hidden Realm – EXCITING NEWS!!

Hidden Realm – EXCITING NEWS!!

During the first week of the Hidden Realm’s launch GDT and Luke Goss graced us by viewing the site. We knew Luke’s reaction and had a brief description of GDT’s.

Recently deltorofilms.com held a twitter/video Q&A with Guillermo Del Toro.

Thanks to a question asked by Aowynn77 we were VERY happy to finally be able to hear first hand GDT’s views on the Silverlance trailer, the petition and revisiting Bethmoora with a Prince Nuada backstory.

It brought a smile to our hearts to see GDT light up as he spoke.

View GDT’s Video Response here:

Twitter Q&A: Guillermo Del Toro @Aowyn77

Guillermo Del Toro’s Video Response Transcript:

“I love that there’s a petition going on online and a trailer go see it the Prince Nuada. Go to the deltorofilms.com and there’s a whole thread about it and some fans made a really real trailer with Prince Nuada and a whole backstory. It’s a pretty cool thing. Ahh… do I think it’s going to happen… ahh I don’t think UNIVERSAL’s going to go and put ahhh the necessary money to it, but I WISH they would.”

Luke Goss:

“The Nuada site “Silverlance” have to say I obviously don’t have a say in that project, although it has given me an idea of maybe trying to produce it, who knows right!? But if it did get a green light, for sure I would love to show him in battle almost like gladiator but more fantasy. I feel so honored to have people wanting to see him again and create such a beautiful web site just for that reason, so truly thank you!! I’m a lucky guy!”

Link to Luke’s original comment