Hidden Realm Valentine’s 2.14.11

Hidden Realm Valentine’s 2.14.11

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today is the perfect day to express your love and appreciation to the people you care about. And we can’t think of a better way to express our love and thanks to you guys than to have a valentines Nuada. This one is for us ladies… Enjoy ;)


Well this game has just been too much fun to stop, but we figured it was time to mix it up a bit. So, you will notice some changes to the trivia page. The old questions are still there to view and the top ten winners of Round One are displayed for all to see – BUT, to keep it nice and tidy and to make way for Round Two, some changes have been made.

What will be different about Round Two you ask? Well firstly, it gives some people who may have started the game late a chance to climb to higher ranks, BUT we will also be adding in a different sort of question. It will now be a MIX of questions from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army AND from our very own Silverlance Trailer…oh and who knows what OTHER tricky questions we might throw in to keep you on your toes :P

The questions will still be released in the same way – one on Monday, Wednesday and one on Friday… with answers and points released on Mondays. The awarding of coins will be ONE Bethmooran Point (coin) awarded to anyone who answers all THREE questions in the week correct.

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia Link

PLEASE NOTE!!! If you wish your answer to count you MUST add your name to the spot provided!! We have had several submit without and therefore have not been added to this weeks tally. **ENTER your answer and “submit” … then ENTER your name and “submit” **


At long last we have our answer!! A question that has been debated many many times… Who would win in a fight – Nuada or Nomak? HA… well Robyn finally could not take the unknown anymore and HAD to know! During an online chat with Luke Goss this past Sunday, we finally got our answer. After all, who could answer that better than the man himself:

“I think it would be a crazy fight ….But I think, after a long long fight, Nuada would win. I hate to say it, because I really care for Nomak”

HA… so there we have it. A close match between two AMAZING characters, but in the end the Elven Prince prevails!!

If you would like to read about it for yourself, you can check it out at

~ www.LukeGossForum.com


We stumbled on a very cute little Hellboy Valentine whilst hanging about on Deviant Art -

~ HB Valentine Link

Plus a ridiculous little animated gif that Robyn created for a funny valentines surprise… we hope you enjoy

~ Robs Ridiculous Gif Link


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• We love finding new and fabulous bits of info and such, and of course we will always pass the coolness off for you all to enjoy as well. So for your entertainment this week, here is a link to a really interesting interview about Guillermo del Toro’s childhood

~ Article Link Here

• A special thanks to Ana for sending us this link to a page we had not seen before

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