Hidden Realm Steady 8.23.10

Hidden Realm Steady 8.23.10

We would like to Thank everyone from deltorofilms.com for the wonderful get-together in Chicago this weekend.

Some quick status updates:

  • We are maintaining an average of 100 unique visits per day
  • We have 2164 confirmed petition signatures
  • There are 68 more signatures waiting to be confirmed.
  • When we reach 3000 signatures we will release a blooper reel
  • As a reminder, please don’t forget to check your email for the confirmation. Make sure your signature counts!!!

    Again we have added 3 new images from the making of Silverlance to the Bonus Material gallery entitled: Nuada Chamber, Nuada Return, and Nuada Wink.

    Quick Facts:

  • The transition effect of Nuada’s mother to stone took 12 1/2 hours
  • Mr. Wink took 4 days to build, he does have the double pupil and 32 spines.
  • The Boggart was the most complicated creature attempt and we nicknamed him FrankenBoggart

  • Note: As we progress with Silverlance – The Prince Nuada Petition, we are receiving some very interesting reviews. In some cases, we might not be able to reveal details, but we WILL tell you as soon as we are able to.

    Keep spreading the word!!
    The powers that be ARE watching,
    we have a real chance!