Holiday Gif(t)

Holiday Gif(t)

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Dec. 17, 2012


In light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut this past week, we would like to extend again our thoughts to those affected by this horrific event.

There exists in this world humans more foul than any beast ever imagined, yet more still who in hard times pull together in support and love.

HRE would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the families in Connecticut. There are no words that can ever help, but you have our prayers.


We would like to send some very warm wishes and Happy Holidays to all the creatures of the Earth during this fine holiday season. And although it can get hectic around the holidays, remember to take time to relax. Enjoy much fun with friends, family and feasting! And with that, we would like to offer a small gif(t) from us at HRE to you, the wonderful fans of Nuada – Enjoy!!

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We will be taking a small break from HRE as we end off 2012. For those of you enjoying our fifth round of Who Knows Nuada, don’t fret we will pick right back up where we left on once we are back in January! Tho… don’t be surprised to see a tweet or two from us while we are off. Cheers to all! See ya in the New Year!


Saving Nuada, by GwennFarr, has become one of the favorite Nuada fanfics out there. Started in December of 2008, GwenFarr has finally finished the story!

~ Saving Nuada


~ Bane of Man by LAmoureuse02