Honor & Hope

Honor & Hope

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 23, 2013


Everyone please stand up and join us in a huge round of “Happy Birthday” for Nuada – oops, we mean Luke Goss! This Sunday will bring our favorite actor another year older and another year even more awesome! Make sure to stop by his Twitter, Facebook, or Official website and send many wonderful wishes for an amazing year ahead, filled with magical wonders and tones of love!

Luke Goss at Twitter

Luke Goss at Facebook

Luke Goss Official Site


Our favorite holiday is approaching, and it always seems to be the busiest time of year. So, please be patient as we adjust our filling schedules. We are still always here and news will still be rockin atcha every week, err… mostly on time LOL

Speaking of news and Halloween, in honor of this awesome month ahead, we will be featuring some interesting costume and make-up related Nuada-ness each week. GDT created some seriously beautiful and imaginative creations… perhaps they will inspire YOU this year in your own Halloween creations.


If you are anything like us, you have all ready cruised the internet many times over in search of cool tidbits involving the enchanting Prince Nuada and his magical realm…. And should that be the case you may have all ready seen this, but none the less it is a cool little bit of insight and we thought we would share for those who have not yet seen it. Enjoy…

~ Prince Nuada Featurette


This Nuada Prequel road we have taken has been strange and filled with adventure, but it is a road that IS leading somewhere! Though we have had to take a few bumps and turns, we now have a map. (LOL) IF the chance for this film was not a possibility we would honorably bow and let the curtain fall… And although we cannot give details, we can say that we are not even close to that point… Not at all!

We will not fade!