In the name of love

In the name of love

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 16, 2013


We launched Hidden Realm Entertainment three years ago, hard to believe isn’t it? In that time we have received the most incredible support from so many many wonderful people. The biggest shock came from having both Luke Goss and Guillermo del Toro praise the site within the first few days of launch… we were blown away! BUT the ongoing support we have received since then has been amazing. Nuada really has some exceptional fans. The comments we receive from people are so supportive and express so much love for his character… even after so much time, it truly shows that We Will Not Fade!

SO we would like to extend our unyielding gratitude and appreciation for every single one of you. Thank you for your support – Thank you for your comments – Thank you for always reminding us WHY we keep doing what we do here at Hidden Realm Ent. Prince Nuada Silverlance has NOT faded to the darkness, the fact you are here reading this right now is proof of that.

But what is in store for his future? Well… hang with us just a little longer… we are working hard to not disappoint Nuada’s fans!!


While we are in reminiscent mode … let’s take a look back at one of the first fan vids Gabby made of Nuada. After making several she started to get frustrated at the lack of footage available. This of course is a large part of the reasons behind her quest to learn DAZ and 3D modeling… which of course led to the Silverlance trailer and the birth of the Hidden Realm Ent. website. Anyways, enough rambling… if you have not all ready seen it, we hope you enjoy “Requiem”

~ Prince Nuada Requiem Video


We also want to mention that while part of supporting the Prince Nuada Petition is letting other people know the petition exists, we DO NOT condone spamming individual people, companies or organizations. Not only is that rude, but can be detrimental to the Petition.

So heck YEAH spread the word about Nuada and the petition for his return, but please be considerate when you do.