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Feb. 18, 2013


Not at all.

In a recent interview, Luke Goss gave some wonderful insight in to his vision of Prince Nuada. When asked about what his most challenging role to date has been, this is what he had to say:

“Well, Prince Nuada in Hellboy, I wanted to take the arrogance out of him when I first read the screenplay. There was a pompousness because he was a prince and he was aloof. I spoke to the stunt guys and I put my head back, looking down my nose and I said, “I don’t want to fight like this.” So I lowered my head and looked up at him with a kind of sadness and said, “I want to fight like this. If you understand what that means.” And he said, “I get it.” I didn’t want him to be enjoying his capabilities. He’s doing it for the cause and for his people and that saddens him deeply. I wanted that to resonate in his movement. I didn’t want him to be a show-off in any way. So to try and achieve that was harder than maybe it sounds.”

~ Luke Goss Interview Source


For the next few weeks we will be featuring some posters for HBII that you may not have seen before. They are lovely little gems found in the extra features. Hope you enjoy.


Some Icelanders take their belief in elves very seriously. While there are many Icelanders who pay no mind to the superstitious elf-talk, there is a higher than average number of citizens that are believers.

Now you can learn about Iceland’s hidden folk at this school dedicated to the study of elves.

Now this is what all schools should be teaching! Fae cheers for Iceland!



~ The End Is Beginning by Llova1