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Aug 12, 2013


Well now, here is another FINE piece if Nuada Art (oh and some other guy too… back to Nuada lol) This brilliant sketch has both strong lines and wonderful expressions, perfectly capturing Nuada’s more “stern” side. It was created by Anne Cain, a graphic artist from America, for a friend who took it to Hellboy creator Mike Mignola for an autograph. Yup, there’s his awesome signature at the bottom. While we found this sketch on Anne’s Tumbler account, it led us to her more creative account at Deviant Art (where you will find another stunning Nuada painting, go see!) Make sure to stop by her page and send the “Elf Love”

Nuada Featured Artists Gallery

Anne Cain DeviantArt


The Troll Market… the ever elusive underground of some very intriguing and magical creatures. For those who may have missed the brief history of these magical trolls we have located a copy of this short animation. Check it out!

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