Middle Earth

Middle Earth

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Aug 5, 2013


No going into exile for us… but we ask for your patience as we pursue a new direction in the quest for a Nuada Prequel. News shall be returning to a regular format of newsy-ness while we work behind the scenes.


Some might call us crazy…. Heck, they wouldn’t be wrong LOL We do tend to see Nuada and Bethmooran inspired things all around us.

BUT this time we ARE NOT crazy.

The new commercial for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth app has caught our eye, with a “WHAT in the hey now?”

Check out the screen caps and video to see for yourself…

The Dwarf has stolen Nuada’s bracers!!!

(timemark 0:09)


“I needed the “faint” tattoo on his chest to give him consistency with the ornaments of the Butcher Guards — as a ranking distinction — and the half-goblin, as sort of a tribal distinction from Bethmoora days of glory.”

~ Guillermo del Toro

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