Hidden Realm Entertainment

Sept 10, 2012


We will return shortly with regularly scheduled news… BUT this week we hit a very good milestone and we wanted to share.

As with any website, Hidden Realm Entertainment has statistics that count how many new and unique views the site has. This helps us to show Universal the demographics and interest in the Nuada Movie.

So what’s the milestone?

We have hit and surpassed 100,000 UNIQUE VIEWS!

Now… if only every single visitor had taken a moment to SIGN the petition, we might be sitting back and enjoying our prequel right now.

So if you HAVENT signed… what are YOU waiting for?


Prince Nuada - Still Believe

In honor of this news, please enjoy a new picture that was created with a quote, by an unknown author, that fits so perfectly with Nuada and our quest for a prequel… And we shall continue to Believe, Wait (if we must lol), and NEVER Give up!

3719 TOTAL Petition Signatures

3283 Petition Signatures confirmed

436 Petition Signatures waiting to be confirmed

Please check your email for the confirmation reply.