New Nuada

New Nuada

Hidden Realm Entertainment

August 22, 2011


Happy Monday to all Nuada fans! We hope you are enjoying your summer, filling it with much fun, friends and family! We appreciate your patience over the last couple weeks while we get through OUR crazy busy time. Gabby is still on set filming, one more week now and then her world shall slowly return to normal…err…well, as “normal” as it ever was LOL So hang in there we will be rocking out some cool new stuff soon!


We have just released a second spot on facebook to help promote the Prince Nuada Petition. This past Saturday, we launched a new “page” called HRE – Prince Nuada Petition. Our current facebook “group” Hidden Realm Entertainment – Prince Nuada Petition IS still up and will remain so, but the options available for pages over groups was something we wanted to try out.

We encourage you to head on over and click that handy dandy “like” button… we know Universal is aware of us, and dare we say/hope they are watching nice and close… so let’s keep the numbers UP! Now is NOT the time to get comfy and relax, we are getting closer every day – KEEP PUSHING!

**as a side note to that, don’t forget we have graphics and links to help you all in getting the word out. You can find a bunch to choose from in the “Free Stuff” tab at HRE



Kris Lipscombe (@halbpro on twitter) has just included the Prince Nuada Petition in his most recent Podcast…AWESOME! We would like to extend a huge thank you to him for such a great shout out to the site and in helping to promote Nuada’s return.

It’s the Oscar Mike Media Podcast at, but we have a link for the audio of it below.


It’s quite a fun bit of back and forth banter, so I suggest listening to it all the way through. I do admit, I love listening to the accents BUT if you just wanna skip to the Hellboy and Nuada bits you will find the beginning of it at approximately 16:00 minutes in and then after a little bit of getting sidetracked by pistachios (lol) more at 18:30 minutes.

Don’t forget to stop by Twitter and let Kris know what you thought!



How could we NOT want to share this link with you, our loyal fans?! This new Prince Nuada picture come to us from the very talanted Tathariel, and since we just couldnt take our eyes off it, we knew it HAD to be shared. She created this stunning photo manip to help promote the petition (awww!!!) and we cant thank her enough for sharing her awesome work once again! Please feel free to stop by her Twitter account to show some love!