New Old Language

New Old Language

Hidden Realm Entertainment

March 26, 2012


Well now, seems to us it’s time for a new HRE game … and there is no better way to pass the time then a little bit o’ fun staring endlessly at pics from Hellboy II. Soooo we decided to create some “Find the Differences” pictures. We will be starting off nice and easy for you – on your minds AND your eyes, with a lovely pic of Nuada in the Library. They will get increasingly more difficult as the game progresses each week, but for now, you only need to find 6 differences… can you get them all?



To all of Nuada’s Chinese fans out there, we would like to finally “officially” announce that the Chinese translation of HRE’s Silverlance trailer is NOW up! We would like to thank Quidam77 for volunteering her translations between her classes so that we can reach even more of Nuada’s fans and help spread the word of the call for his Return! Please enjoy our newest addition!



Its an oldy but a goody! In a mission to collect a certain picture needed for Mr Wink, we stumbled on this old interview on the amazing Brian Steele. Well… of course we had to share.

Standing over 6 feet 7 inches tall, Brian Steele is one of the most interesting actors one could ever meet. Many are familiar with his work, but his face is virtually unknown. That’s because Brian Steele aka Creature Boy specializes is playing characters under layers of makeup and prosthetics. He’s taken some time from his busy schedule working on a new project and promoting Hellboy 2: The Golden Army to answer a few questions for us about Hellboy, acting, and being an action figure…