Noise & Silence

Noise and Silence

Hidden Realm Entertainment

February 20, 2012


The Shorty Awards have finally ended… well technically VOTING has ended. They are currently checking all the votes and doing all the final tallies before announcing the “official” top 6 finalists of each category.

Barring any strange happenings the finalists are known.

So did we make it?

Did all of our hard work and all of Nuada’s awesome fans make a difference??


HRE is presently in 6th place in the Art category; which means…. (again, barring any strange happenings with the official announcements) The Nuada Petition is headin to NY!!

Time to smack up Universal with this one…smack em up good till they finally give us our Elf! LOL …err… we mean, of course ask politely and calmly LOL *wink*



It’s hard to put into words, the depth of our love and thanks for all the amazing support that we have received. Through Nuada, we have all found a common bond and a community has been formed that we cherish very much.

Thank you… ALL of you… for your continued love and support, it really does fuel our drive for finding new ways to push the petition! Nuada’s fans are truly the best, most WONDERFUL fans in the world. Hugs and TONNES of love to you all … xoxox


The last few weeks have been mighty hectic AND on a different track than expected.

That topped with the fact that Robyn is FINALLY going on a vacation… HRE will be “less” active over the next couple weeks. We will still be around, just catching up and recharging the batteries for our full force march on Universal.

But while Robs is enjoying some fun in the sun… it’s a fairly safe bet that Gabs will be immersed in planning and in getting the awesomely creative project back on track. *giggles* In fact you can BET on it. She is very looking forward to getting back to an existing Nuada-y project…and nope, not telling what! Hahahahahahaha oh oops that was a lot of laughing ((hugs))


Were you able to solve the mystery of poor little Mibar’s murder?? Hopefully you got your submissions in before the Bethmooran Council had to close their doors and start their deliberations. They will be dutifully going over everyone’s findings this week so that the murderer can finally be brought to justice and the reward may be issued to the most cunning detective next Monday.