Not Your Normal Eggs

Not Your Normal Eggs

Hidden Realm Entertainment

April 21, 2014


Happy Easter everyone!!!

We hope you all had a hopping great time this long fun filled Easter weekend… and as all great holidays should be spent, in the presence of wonderful friends and family!

But what is Easter without Eggs?


Ohh ya… we’re talking Bethmooran Eggs!

A repeating pattern in the film that can be seen in the Prince’s Elemental “grenade” and “bean seed egg” of the Elemental to the Golden Army Soldiers.

In the original script, Guillermo del Toro wanted something much more ambitious -he wanted a series of underwater adventures that led to the Golden Army chamber. But due to the budget, the idea changed. However the basic concept remained. He wanted the “folded” Golden Army soldiers to be stored as eggs.

And the egg became an important motif in the films elf and goblin technology.


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