Nuada Talk

Nuada Talk

Hidden Realm Entertainment

August 30, 2011


Well, the last days of filming Seven Below have past. A few more short days to wrap up the location and “normal” life, such as it ever was, shall slowly start to return. Some of you might have questions about how filming went and the details of it, but alas much cannot be discussed. What we CAN say is that Gabby and Luke DID talk about Nuada and the future plans we have for HRE and the petition.

And…that Luke is not so opposed to stepping back into the makeup chair that he once was. Now… what does that mean?? Well… ohhhh look at that … over there its a shiney thing! *distraction technique…runs away*


So there has been speculation on this one for some time, but it is finally “officially” confirmed by all sides – Luke Goss shall be returning to his role as carl Lucas aka Frankenstein in Universal Studios newest addition the the Death Race franchise. Death Race 3 begins filming in South Africa SOON and is a good sign of the warm and cozy feelings that Universal holds for our boy!

Continue to show Universal the love and appreciation we have for Mr Goss and his work… never forget the magical equation…

Luke Goss + Universal = NUADA!


August 2011 By Ethan Gilsdorf, Globe Correspondent

In director Guillermo del Toro’s estimation, most horror movies are cheap products to cash in, a quick and dirty way for studios to make a buck. Originality and artistry are discouraged

“Few filmmakers,’’ del Toro said, “approach horror with the desire to create something either of substance or something beautiful or powerful. Most of the people just try to get a [big opening] weekend and DVD sales.’’

Del Toro, the man behind personal, vision-driven projects like “Cronos,’’ “The Devil’s Backbone,’’ and “Pan’s Labyrinth,’’ as well as the commercial successes “Blade II,’’ and two “Hellboy’’ films, has never seen horror as a temporary career move.