Numbers of Nuada

Numbers of Nuada

Hidden Realm Entertainment

May 21, 2012


Ok, so we admit that it’s been a while since our last round of demographics were done. It is a very long and daunting task, even if the subject matter is so lovely. Four years have passed since Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Prince Nuada first came into our lives. Four years to which you would expect his support to be waning… but that is why we do the demographics here at HRE, to show the powers that be that not only has Nuada’s support and fan base remained, but it is growing steadily!

So what came of this last batch of numbers?

Has Nuada’s support REALLY grown that much?

Well, check it out for yourselves!!



We hope you have enjoyed playing our wee little game. It was very fun to make and hopefully enjoyable to play as well. But now that it’s done, what comes next? … well, who knows (ok well WE do, but we aren’t telling … yet LOL)

Can your brain handle this last challenge? Can you find ALL 13 differences? It will take a sharp eye… Good Luck!!