Oh Look


Hidden Realm Entertainment

Dec 3, 2012


We sincerely apologize for not having news out last week… sometimes things happen that you just… OH LOOK NUADA!

~ Nuada Gallery


So, whats better then four rounds of ridiculous fun with the Who Knows Nuada Trivia? … well… FIVE rounds!! Yup, that’s what happens when a Nuada fan *cough cough* gets stuck on an airplane with a choice of the in flight movie or Hellboy 2.

Welcome to Round Five of the Nuada (and Hellboy 2 related) Trivia Round! If you were around for the first four rounds you will recognize the format, with only a slight variation.

Each week we will release three new trivia questions. (Mon-Wed-Fri) You will be able to submit your answers via our trivia submission box located with the question.

The following week the answers will be revealed but the final tally of Who Knows Nuada will not be revealed until the end of the round!

Make sure to tune in each week and answer the three questions as they are ONLY available for that ONE week. ALSO – make sure you add a name with each answer to ensure you are properly credited for points. SO… are you ready? Lets go!!

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia Round 5


~ Shadows of Nuada by NaliaAsh