Our Corner of Bethmoora

Our Corner of Bethmoora

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May 5, 2011






Welcome to the new home of Hidden Realm Entertainment! We hope you enjoy the new look! When we first launched we never anticipated that we would be adding so many new things: pictures, comics, trivia, games and more… and it was getting a little cluttered. So since we needed a “functional ” redesign, we also wanted to make it feel more like a cozy little corner of Bethmoora. Each page is unique and we would like to invite you to take a few moments to have a look around.

…and yes, if you havent guessed it, THIS is the big surprise that we have been hinting at over the last few weeks. Did anyone figure it out??  


We are excited to announce that not only has the site been Bethmoora-ized but we now have a MOBILE version that should be a lot easier to read and navigate as well!

Native translations are now built in! So if your pc is native Spanish, HRE will have an auto option to view in your native language. We have several different languages available so far and will be adding more in the future.

This was a needed clean up and we now have a drop down menu which should make it much easier to find what you are looking for.


Will take you to Home/ Main Page with most current tidbits of info.



Will take you back to the landing page.


Have been altered to be nice and clear.

This site has features that will NOT work in I.E. 6 or lower

** We have tried to find any “bugs” that exsist within the site, but should you experience something odd please let us know and we will do our best to get fix it **



  • Be ready for some fun!
  • Demographics are being updated to show the newest Nuada support from around the world.
  • Little hints of Bethmooran life may pop up
  • News could get weird. <– ya, its safe to say you can COUNT on that.
  • And NEXT week we have an exciting new… well,  just check back next week to find out! LOL



Has it been that long all ready?? We have come to the last week of Round 2 of the Who Knows Nuada Trivia game. Awesome job to ALL who have played so far! And if you are just joining us now, dont worry we will be taking a small break, but WILL return with Round 3! There will also be a special surprise at the end of Round 3 for those that find themselves in the Top Ten!

**FRIDAYS question this week was answered personally by Luke Goss!!

Its a “special” one… just for the ladies!




• Nuada was discussed in an interview by Jeffrey Harris on 04.30.2011 with Luke Goss over at 411mania. Here is the Nuada excerpt.


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Jeffrey Harris: What was it like working with a tremendous director like Guillermo del Toro on that movie?

Luke Goss: I can be very, very intense on set, but he knows for me, he’s only coming from a place where I consider what I’m doing. And I think without a doubt he’s the most prepared director I’ve ever worked with. I think having seen the way he works, he was more human in the first film. There was a lot more humanity as far as friendship is concerned, but I do still think his attention to detail never went down. He’s still that amazing director and I think just getting better and stronger. Definitely, I loved his sense of humor on the first movie. He has such a great sense of humor and a great sense of boyish enthusiasm about that genre and as the way all of us do love those kinds of movies. And he just was a joy to be assisted by – del Toro saves you from yourself. He has so much faith in what his actors are bringing because he knows why he’s got each actor on set. There’s no guess work with him. But what he does is he saves you from the choices that might divert the power of the role and I think he just really keeps actors on track more than dictating them. I love, love working with him.

Jeffrey Harris: So it must be nice not having to wear as much make-up for a film like Blood Out right?

Luke Goss: I think I’d do makeup now for del Toro but I can’t imagine that I’d be wearing makeup for anyone else. Because with del Toro you know you are going to achieve greatness with him. But yeah I really am in the business now of not wearing the makeup because it’s just too exhausting and also on a professional level . . . you find yourself in these number one movies and you don’t have any face value which is inevitably what gets you the better roles. And so I just want to stick with – I’ve got what I’ve got on my face; people either love it or hate. But I want I don’t be the guy put in the role rather than – I don’t want to do the makeup, but I guess for del Toro I would do it again.

Jeffrey Harris: That said, I thought Prince Nuada in Hellboy 2 was a great antagonist and character. He was more than just bad guy. He had these intense scenes where he showed in some ways he is a righteous and justified character. In Nuada’s own mind, he’s the hero of the fairy tale and fable realm that’s being destroyed by humanity.

Luke Goss: I get very excited when I hear – and it’s not an ego thing at all – but I get very excited when I hear someone or a journalist discussing and telling me about him. Because it means that you give a **** and you’ve considered it and you are listening to what he’s saying and watching his actions. I remember saying something to del Toro, I said, “When he fights or when he’s doing this thing you have to remember, he’s not standing up there with his nose looking down.” And I guess that’s the one thing I was very adamant about as an actor, was that I don’t want to have him look down and look up to the individuals like metaphorically speaking. Because this character is like a prince looking down his nose, but everything he does – he’s going to butt heads in the movie. People will want him dead. I said, “He’s not happy about any of this. This is something he has to do. And it gives him great pain.” So just the adjustment of lowering head and thinking of looking up at people with a kind of sense of constant sorrow, I think people related to him. And I think it was great that you said it was kind of a just cause. Because certainly the way that humans were portrayed in the movie, “take, take, take, take until there is nothing left.” And when he [Nuada] said, “Where is the honor in this?” I think it was one of those scenes where you generally question, where is the honor? I think honor is only in the action, but there’s nothing honorable about the environment. The only honor was left from my father and it was failed honor because it inevitably it would kill his people. And I think honor cannot be reached out to then where you let the demise of your people. That’s not leadership. He [Nuada] understood his father’s intentions but they were misplaced because they had become obsolete and if they had carried on much longer there would be none of them left.