Paths Cleared

Paths Cleared

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Jan. 21, 2013


Most humble apologies to our wonderful followers and Nuada fans for the missing news last week. Gabby was MI(L)A and the week was filled with some crazy work and you know… that darned ‘life’ stuff that gets in the way. Cheers to you all – enjoy THIS weeks news – and have a delightful week!


We started on something last year and the universe had set many many things in our path BUT those paths have now been cleared and the opportunity for this something to have more of a say has now presented itself. So Thank you universe! And here is a peek at a part of the something we have been hinting at…

~ Advanced Renders Gallery


We are about 1/3 through Round 5 of the Who Knows Nuada Trivia. Good job to those who have all ready correctly answered the previous questions… but don’t worry if you haven’t, there is still lots of time and it’s never too late to join in the fun! Jump on in and strut your Nuada brain powers!

The top scores will be announced at the completion of Round 5 Trivia. This week we saw an overturn in the numbers… interesting … How do you think YOU are stacking up? Can you take the Round 5 Crown!

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia


~ Nuada Silverlance by WraithSlave