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A Movie about the life of Prince Nuada.

For the consideration of Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola for a continuing story and/or possible movie based on Prince Nuada (portrayed by Luke Goss) and the magical world created in the movie Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

We strongly feel that Nuada and his realm have a powerful story to tell.

Thank you.

The Undersigned

As of Sept 26, 2016 we will no longer be accepting NEW signatures to the petition.

We have surpassed the 5000 mark – we are where we need to be with that.

Nuada still has (and continues to gain) so many devoted fans! But we must now to turn our attention from the site to the “Behind the Scenes” details and procedures needed to bring his story to life.

We love and appreciate all of the support that you have all shown us and this site, and we are here to say that while we may not appear as active as we once were, we aren’t going anywhere!

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Michael, Fuck yeah! Bring him back!

xxxxxxxx, Do the damn movie already!



Jessie, Plz bring prince back!!!



Black Rose, I accidently watched you tube video “Prince Nuada- End of All Hope” and after that I was delighted with him although I didn’t even know who he is… Movie about Prince Nuada could never be a failure that’s for sure!

Kai, Everyone is commenting about how excellent of a character he is, and I agree, but I’m just really gay for angsty fallen princes. I need more Nuada in my life.


Anne-Laure, I was so amazed by this character … we want a movie about him please!

Bryan, Nuada was an amazing character that was excellently portrayed and I think it would be awesome to have a movie based around his backstory and what made him what he is.

Autumn Hunter,

Evie, my life is not complete without Prince Nuada





Daniel, By far my favorite, loved Prince Nuada and wish so badly they would make a movie of an earlier timeline of his family.

Julia, One movie just isn’t enough! We ALL need more Nuada in our life’s! And this is a fact! :D♡

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