Prince Nuada Holiday cont.

Prince Nuada Holiday cont

WHO KNOWS NUADA… The Trivia Game

During our “time off” all three questions for the week will be released on the Monday and you have the entire week to answer them.

So… how did you do?? Find out


Universal + Luke Goss = NUADA!

This is the magical equation that we need to remember!

Right now Universal is promoting for the upcoming release of Luke’s new movie Death Race 2. The powers that be are aware of our petition and the demand for Prince Nuada’s return We need to focus on is letting Universal know that they can’t go wrong backing Luke Goss!

So let’s show them!!

Also Universal and Fangoria have a few tickets for the L.A. screening.

See details here.


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Happy Holidays to everyone! Have a wonderful time filled with love and laughter! And stay safe!